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Best of Eco Camp

Learn about our Coastal Ecocystem

Celebrating 30 Years!

Hands on Activities:

dolphins, oysters, pluff mud, live critters, fire safety & more

Rising 1st -6th Graders

 Friday classes at Port Royal Sound Maritime Center for more activites!

Environmental Science Programs


Soil   Tunnel: Crawl “underground” to explore roots, animal habitats, wells   and septic tanks, and handle earthworms. Pre-K to 2nd.

Cargo   for Conservation: US Fish & Wildlife kit explores habitat loss   and endangered species. All ages.

Adaptations-   Keys to Survival: Explore structural, behavioral and instinctive   adaptations. All ages.

SC Fur   Bearers: Learn about different mammals while looking at our   fur collection. All ages.

Snakes: Checkers the Snake visits your classroom   & students learn why snakes are useful in our environment plus safety   tips. All ages.

Trees:   Learn how trees are vital to our well-being. We can help with SC Arbor Day Celebration, Dec 7th. K-5.


Beach in a Bag: Students   handle a bag of shells & learn all about their adaptations &   Ecosystems. K-2nd.

Polar Habitats: Learn   how animals adapt to survive in frigid environments. Hands-on. PreK-2nd.

Interactive Books: Pre   K to 1st

(includes live critter, if available)

One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies

Is This a House for Hermit Crab? By Megan McDonald

Harry Horseshoe Crab by Suzanne Tate Will

Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle


Appropriate for all 

Grade levels

Bats: Learn bat facts,   echolocation, & why bats are beneficial.

Beaks & Feet: How Birds Eat:   learn all the different types of beaks & feet that determine what a bird   can eat. 

Birds; A Very Unique Species:   Learn bird classification, flight, and other interesting facts about birds.

Fossils…A Blast from the Past:   View collections of fossils, learn where the fossils came from and how they   were formed. Can also help you order   phosphate material to help set up a classroom dig. 

Horns & Antlers:   Observe collection of horns & antlers, how they are different, how they   grow, and all about the animals they come from.

Mammal Hair: Learn   about different hair and fur types (including people!) and unique   characteristics.

Owl Pellets: Find out   what owls eat by dissecting their pellets. Reference guides and bone charts are used to identify owl prey. *Extra charge for needed to order sterilized   pellets.

Spiders: Learn about   the unique characteristics of spiders and why we should like to have them   around.

Tails: Animals   communicate with their tails and students learn how to interpret the message!   

Bats & Spiders are fun in October.

Horns & Antlers are fun in December.


Enviroscape: Excellent   visual, hands-on model for teaching point and non-point source pollution. All   ages.

Groundwater Model:   Water Cycle Model shows how water moves underground and explains connectivity   through wells, lakes and our actions. 5th and up.

A Grave Mistake:   Students use deductive reasoning and mapping skills to investigate arsenic   contamination in a water supply. 

5th grade and up.


Sharks Don’t Always Bite:   Learn about shark physiology, behavior and feeding habits. Fun hands-on activity   to discovery what a shark may eat! All ages.

Horseshoe Crabs: Learn   about these unusual gentle creatures, their interesting lives and how they   are so important helping humans. All ages.

Interpretative Tours:   Marsh walk at the Port Royal Sands Beach to learn about the   importance of our salt marsh estuary. 

Explore the Port Royal Cypress Wetlands to observe the beautiful bird rookery, alligators and other reptiles while learning about stormwater runoff.   All ages.

*Binoculars are available to students & adults with guided tours. 

Additional program information:

Each 45 min - 1 hour program has been designed to align to SC educational standards.

Safety and conservation practices are built into all lessons as we encourage children to be safe and to respect the environment we live in.

Each program costs $25 per class (25 student limit preferred).

Special grants may be available to help offset costs and discounts may be available for multiple programs.

If we don't have what you are looking for, please ask and we will let you know if we can provide a program or get in touch with one of our partners in environmental education.

Click the links below to see our Program Flyer and grade level science standards addressed by our programs.

Lowcountry RC & D Youth Grant

We had a spectacular spring visiting many different schools this spring!



Education Staff offering free programs with youth grant.


Environmental Science programs are

presented to Schools, Organizations, & Churches through a special Youth Grant for Environmental Education

Provided by

Lowcountry RC&D (Resource Conservation & Development)

Thank you Lowcountry RC & D for another wonderful Youth Grant!


RC & D Grant Flyer

2019 teacher flyer (pdf)